Public Holiday Closure

The health centre will be closed on Tuesday 5th June 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday. 

We will be open as normal on Monday 4th June and reopen on Wednesday 6th June at 8am. 

During the closure, should you require urgent medical advice, please contact NHS 24 on 08454 24 24 24

If you require a routine appointment, repeat prescription, or your call does not require immediate attention, please contact the surgery when we reopen. 

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Dollar Health Centre complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Our privacy statement is available to view.

Dollar Health Centre privacy notice


Mail sent from the surgery

The practice use a provider to process any mail we send to you. This provider is called "Docmail". Please be assured that mail received in envelopes with the "Docmail" logo on them are unlikely to be junk mail and should definitely be from the surgery. It will be delivered in the normal way by your Royal Mail postman.

As part of the change to our new provider we are currently conducting a review of our addresses. There may be slight changes in the address we hold for you, such as the addition of a county (Clackmannanshire or Perth and Kinross) to your address. In order to use the new system successfully, our address must reflect what the Royal Mail recognises as your address.

As with any new system there may be teething issues. Please let us know if you experience any problems.

Travel vaccination requests

If you are looking for our advice regarding vaccinations prior to travelling abroad, we need at least 8 weeks notice of this. Please see the following step by step instructions on how to go about using the travel vaccination service which the surgery provides.

Please note that certain elements of the travel vaccination scheme are classed as a non-NHS service and, as such, we are not obliged to provide this service. If we feel for any reason that we are unable to provide you with the service (particularly if are unable to give us the required time that we ask for) you will be referred to a travel clinic.

1.  Complete a travel vaccination request form. This must be done and the forms can be collected from reception or downloaded from our website by clicking here - Travel_Forms.doc

2.  Hand in your form AT LEAST 8 WEEKS prior to travel. Courses of vaccinations such as Rabies Immunisation is a 28 day course of treatment that needs to be given at intervals and needs time to take effect.

3.  Give us as much information on your travel form as you can.

4.  Be available to speak to the practice nurse when she calls you to discuss your requirements.

5.  Attend your appointments. If you do not attend your appointments for vaccination, we may have to refer you to one of the local travel clinics as we will be unable to help you.

6.  Realise that some vaccinations and anti-malarial drugs are chargeable and are not provided on the NHS. If you require a ‘private’ vaccination such as Yellow Fever, there will be a charge for this which is payable by cash or cheque at the front desk. The practice nurse will notify you if this is the case.

We want you to enjoy your holiday safely. For us to be able to help you we need you to play your part and give us enough time to provide you with the travel service appropriately. If you can’t give us at least 8 weeks advance notice of your intended travel date, we may refer you to a local travel clinic. The nearest travel clinic is held at Stirling University and can be contacted on 01786 478965.

Full details of Scotland wide travel clinics can be found at

Prescriptions for certain travel vaccines and anti-malarial drugs are chargeable.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

The practice is a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We will vaccinate patients and provide them with the relevant documentation to certify their vaccination. This service is provided to all patients, not just patients of Dollar Health Centre. Patients registered at other practices are welcome to make an appointment with our practice nursing team to have this vaccine administered. You can make an appointment by calling the surgery on 01259 742120 during normal working hours.

There is a charge of £60.00 per person vaccinated against Yellow Fever and this is payable to reception in the form of cash or cheque. Credit and debit cards are not accepted.


Receptionists ask for reasons for appointments because

Essentially, our reception team ask for the reason why you need specific appointments for the following reasons:

To make sure you get the right appointment with the right person at the right time

To make sure you get the correct length of appointment for your requirements

To make sure you get the correct clinician

Most of all, the receptionists are doing exactly as they are instructed to do by the GP Partners. The receptionists ask you for information about your appointment as they are told to do so - not because they're being "nosy"! Please help them to help you by giving them the information they request.

We need your help to keep your records up to date

We are currently updating all of the registration details we hold for you. Please ensure that we have your current address, home telephone number and mobile telephone number where these are applicable. 

If you change address we need to know as soon as reasonable practicable after you have moved. This is vital because we need to be able to trace you in order that we can continue to provide you with General Medical Services.

It's also important that we have your current contact numbers. We can often need to contact patients, so ensuring your number is current, ensures we can contact you. 

If you've not told us about any changes of details, be it address or telephone numbers, please complete the form on the 'your contact details' section at the bottom of the home page.

Text message reminders about appointments

We have began using a text messaging service to remind patients of their appointments. Unless you opt out of this service, you will automatically be included. This service is anonymised and will send a message to the mobile telephone number we hold on your medical records. It will also give you the opportunity to cancel appointments that you no longer require by simply replying to the text message with the word "cancel".

We may also use it to invite patients to certain clinics, such as the annual flu clinic, should you qualify for invitation or to collect basic health data from you. In this instance you will receive a message asking you to make an appointment or asking you about things such as your smoking habits. This message will come from "NHSNoReply" and will ask you to respond. Please be assured that if you receive this, the message is definitely legitimate and is from the health centre.

We hope that this service will prove popular but to do so we need your help. We need you to give us your mobile telephone number and we also need you to tell us when you change it! You can tell us online - please click on the link on the home page titled "Your Contact Details" and complete the relevant sections. We'll update your records once we receive it.


The practice has a strict procedure regarding confidentiality. This means that without express written consent, we cannot and will not discuss medical information including booked appointments with anyone other than the patient. Further information can be found in the panel on the right hand side of this screen under the section Health Rights Information Scotland, and practice Policies.

Information for new patients

Information for patients considering transferring medical practice, or for patients who need to change practice as they have moved into our area, is listed in the section on the right hand side of this page in the "further information" section. We hope you find it useful and informative. 

Social Networking

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Book your appointments online using Patient Access

Facilities are available to enable you to book your appointment to see a GP online. If you would like to use our secure online GP appointments system, please ask for details at reception. Unfortunately, due to the nature of nurses appoinments that vary in length depending on the problem we are unable to offer these via the Patient Access service. Once you are registered, you can use the system by clicking on the "Patient Access is the new name for emis access" icon below.

Your registration document will contain information unique to you which will identify you and the practice when you log in to the system. If you lose or forget any of the details, please contact reception in person. We will be able to re-issue your user ID and password. Unfortunately, we can only give the registration details to the patient it relates to and not their representatives.

Once you are registered, you can also access this service through your digital television, smartphone, tablet or even your Wii. Visit the website to find out more.

For patients who have used our online system for booking GP appointments recently, you may have noticed that the login screen has changed and has a different name. In conjunction with the website EMIS Access has been rebranded as Patient Access. The principals of usage of the new system remain the same as they did with the old system - it just looks slightly different. As EMIS Access is a national system which patients from all over the UK use, this is a change which the practice has no control over. If any patients have any issues with using the new system, please contact the surgery during normal working hours.

Information for carers

A carer is someone who helps a family member, friend, neighbour with day to day living activities.

There is no "job description or minimum requirements" for being a carer and the level of care given varies and depends on the needs to the person receiving the care and what the person providing the care can do. 

It can be helping with shopping, cooking or just popping in to make sure everything is okay to having someone completely dependent on you for all their needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and everything else inbetween.

Being a carer can last for a few weeks while someone is recuperating from an operation or illness to long term caring for someone with an ongoing condition.

Helping someone you care for can be a rewarding experience but it can at times be stressful, mentally and physically exhausting and sometimes isolating.

The doctors, nurses and support staff are committed to supporting carers in the vital role that they undertake. 

If you are currently a carer or undertake a carers role please let us know and let us help you access the services available to support you.

Your local Carers Office details:

Carers Centre, Alloa Office, Ludgate House, Mar Place, Alloa, FK10 2AD. Tel: 01259 226839



Information from the Princess Royal Trust for Carers:

The Princess Royal Trust Carers Centre is dedicated to the provision of information and support to carers and former carers in the Falkirk and Clackmannanshire areas.

Information is given over the telephone, by appointment, at the Alloa office or on a home visit with help to support carers. For example benefits, grants and funding, short breaks and holidays and community care services.

We offer support and activities for young carers

A regular newsletter covering issues of interest to carers

A carers welcome pack

A carers befriending service and telephone befriending service

Volunteering opportunities

An opportunity to have a say in the development of services for carers

Contact with other carers through regular group meetings, activities, training and social events

Why not join us at your local Carers Support Group Coffee Morning in Dollar. We meet at the Castle Campbell Hotel, 11 Bridge Street, Dollar on the last Thursday of the month at 10.00am. All new carers are welcome.


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