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Covid Vaccine Passport

Please do not contact the Health Centre to ask for a Covid vaccination passport or status certificate as we will not to able to provide this. 

This can be obtained by logging in or calling the national telephone line on 0808 196 8565. The helpline is open every day from 10.00am to 6.00pm.

COVID-19 Vaccine 

Please do not phone the health centre about the COVID vaccine, as we need to keep our limited phone lines free for ill patients.   There are contact details below for COVID vaccine enquiries. We will regularly post information here on this website, so keep please keep checking. 



Cohort 2- Aged 80 or over: All vaccinations are complete


Cohort 3- 75 and over

Cohort 4- 70 and over & sheilding

Cohort 5-65 and over

All complete, will be called by Forth Valley for second dose within 12 weeks.

CALLED BY HEALTH BOARD OF RESIDENCY…ie a mix of Forth Valley and Tayside

Cohort 6- 16-64 with an underlying health condition: Complete, will be called by health board you live in for second dose.

Cohort 6- Unpaid carers: Underway. If you haven’t been invited yet please register at or call 0800 030 8013.

Cohorts 7- 9: 50 years and over: Complete, will be called by health board you live in for second dose.

Anyone in the 3-9 priority groups who has not yet received an appointment can complete the online form on  
or telephone the Covid-19 Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013 (8am to 8pm, 7 days a week).

SZ vaccine

We will keep posting updates on this page and more general information is available on NHS Inform, or via a national COVID Vaccine helpline on 0800 0308013 (8am-8pm 7 days a week). A handful of errors have been identified in the data and a very small number of patients called unexpectedly. This on the whole is because of errors in BMI. If you receive an invitation but are unsure why please contact the practice to clarify. 

Why can't we be vaccinated in Dollar?

We agreed with the health board to vaccinate the over-80s within the health centre, as they include some of our frailest patients, and are a small defined group of around 300 people.   However Dollar Health Centre is simply not large enough to safely vaccinate the majority of the population (we have over 5000 registered patients), whilst remaining open to see and treat ill people.  The only way to ensure that our population is immunised quickly, whilst maintaining healthcare services for those who need it, was to use a larger venue.  This enables people to be vaccinated very quickly in a safe, socially distanced environment, which is easy to clean between patients.   Forth Valley health board looked at different venues, including some in Dollar, but have concluded that larger venues in Alloa, Stirling, and Falkirk were the most suitable for these mass-vaccination centres at the moment. This may change in the future if a suitable Dollar venue is found.  Our doctors and nurses are travelling to these various venues to help support the vaccination campaign.   It is safe for people on the shielding list to attend these centres.   Anyone who is physically unable to leave home will receive a visit from one of the community nurses.

Help with transport to vaccine centre

While our Community Nursing Teams are working hard to deliver immunisation to those who are genuinely housebound it is recognised that some people are able to travel, if assisted, to the hubs to be immunised.  A free transport service has been put in place to help patients get to the community hubs to receive their vaccine. This can be accessed by patients by calling 0800 130 3120  The transport on offer is either taxi or volunteer driver.  All cars are for individuals and no sharing will happen unless a patient requires that their carer travel with them.  All drivers wear NHS provided PPE and all cars are cleaned between every journey in accordance with NHS Infection prevention and control guidelines.

Rescheduling Appointments

Please make every effort to attend your appointment. This allows us to continue to vaccinate everyone as quickly as possible. However, if you are unable to attend you can rearrange your appointment ➡️ or phone the national Covid-19 Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013.


Vaccine Research

Researcher from the University of Dundee have launched the VAC4COVID study to monitor the real-world performance of Covid-19 vaccines being used in the UK. Members of the public are invited to sign up on the VAC4COVID study website

Vaccine Complaints

While delivery of the immunisation programme has had very positive feedback, if anyone wishes to raise any concerns about the immunisation programme these should be directed to the following e-mail address 

We May Contact You from a Withheld Number

We are aware that it can be difficult at times for patients to call Dollar Health Centre.   This is due to the limited number of phone-lines into the practice, and an increase in telephone consultations since the COVID pandemic.  To help improve the situation Dollar Health Centre staff are using mobile phones and a web-based service to call patients during busy periods.  Therefore you may occasionally receive calls from the health centre that show up as 'unknown', 'withheld', 'international', or starting 01865.  If this causes you to be unsure about the identity of a caller, please ask the caller for details of your last consultation (or the like) to help provide reassurance. We appreciate this isn't ideal but we are working in unprecedented circumstances.

Try a video consultation instead of seeing your doctor or nurse

We are actively promoting video-consultations with the healthcare staff at Dollar Health Centre.   This reduces the footfall within the practice and can allow people to have a consultation from the convenience of their home or work.    Please ask the receptionist for a video consultation when you call the practice.  More information can be found here

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