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COVID-19 Vaccine (Updated 18/01/21)

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The doctors at Dollar Health Centre recommend vaccination against COVID-19.   We are supporting phase 1 of the immunisation programme (see below). Please do not phone the health centre about the COVID vaccine, as we need to keep our limited phone lines free for ill patients.   However we will regularly post information here on this website, so keep please keep checking. 

Phase 1: Over 80s and Care Home Residents

We received our first supply of 100 Oxford / AstraZenica vaccines on 12th January 2021.  We commenced vaccinations for frontline healthcare staff on 13th January and for patients on 14th January.     Our reception staff will phone people over the age of 80 to schedule an appointment, working alphabetically (in order to allow couples to attend together).  By 15th January we had immunised everyone up to the letter L in the alphabet.   We have been told that our next delivery of vaccines will be on 26th January and we will complete the immunisation (with first dose of vaccine) of our over 80 year old patients by the end of that week.  If you are over the age of 80, please wait to be contacted, and only phone the health centre if you have not heard from us by 28th January 2021.  Those who are housebound will receive the vaccine at home from a community nurse, and health and care workers will be contacted by their employer.

2 doses of vaccine are required, and the second dose will be given around 12 weeks after the first.   Dollar Health Centre staff will arrange both doses for the over-80 year olds.

Phase 2: Under 80 year olds and other at-risk groups.

Forth Valley Health Board is taking responsibility for immunising the population under the age of 80.  This group will be invited by letter for a vaccine at a central location (not Dollar, and probably Sauchie or Alloa) from February 2021 onwards.  Our doctors and nurses are supporting these clinics and will be helping with the immunisations. It is predicted that everyone over the age of 65, and all those on the national 'shielding list' will have received their first dose of vaccine by February 2021.  Those under the age of 80 who are housebound will receive the vaccine at home from a community nurse.  Dollar Health Centre is unable to make or change appointments for these groups of people.   

This is a rapidly evolving and changing situation.   We will keep posting updates on this page and general information is available on NHS Inform, or via a national COVID Vaccine helpline on 0800 0308013.

Do you really need to be seen before Easter 2021?

Anyone who is unwell, or who is in need of urgent medical attention can and will be seen during this time as normal.   However we are reorganising appointments during these months to allow us to focus on the COVID19 vaccination programme for the over 80s.  Our doctors and nurses are also helping with the immunisations in the central vaccinations hubs in Alloa.   So if you are able to hold off making an appointment for non-urgent issues until later in the year, then that would be appreciated.

Flu Vaccine - last chance.

We are nearing the end of the flu vaccination campaign.   However flu vaccines are still available and being organised by Forth Valley Health Board and delivered at Alloa Town Hall.   If you are eligible for an NHS flu jab, and have not yet arranged or received an appointment, then please phone the flu hub on 01324 614692 or 01324 616050.  

  • Further information about how Forth Valley Health Board is co-ordinating these flu immunisations is available by clicking here
  • Forth Valley Health Board Flu team can be contacted on 01324 616050 or 01324 614692 or by emailing

To check you are eligible for a flu vaccine on the NHS, or for any further information please visit the following website: or phone 0800 22 44 88.   If you are not eligible for an NHS flu vaccine, it may be possible to arrange privately through JDR Healthcare

We May Contact You from a Withheld Number

We are aware that it can be difficult at times for patients to call Dollar Health Centre.   This is due to the limited number of phone-lines into the practice, and an increase in telephone consultations since the COVID pandemic.  To help improve the situation Dollar Health Centre staff are using mobile phones and a web-based service to call patients during busy periods.  Therefore you may occasionally receive calls from the health centre that show up as 'unknown', 'withheld', 'international', or starting 01865.  If this causes you to be unsure about the identity of a caller, please ask the caller for details of your last consultation (or the like) to help provide reassurance. We appreciate this isn't ideal but we are working in unprecedented circumstances.

Try a video consultation instead of seeing your doctor or nurse

We are actively promoting video-consultations with the healthcare staff at Dollar Health Centre.   This reduces the footfall within the practice and can allow people to have a consultation from the convenience of their home or work.    Please ask the receptionist for a video consultation when you call the practice.  More information can be found here

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